About Us


Blacksnake Farm - Garden and Gifts is a small business located in beautiful Draper, Virginia. Our farm gets its name from the many blacksnakes that bless our property (Check out our blog link to learn more about our slithery friends). We began hybridizing daylilies around 2013 when we lived in NC. We like to joke that we have daylily sex at our house all the time. (That’s geriatric humor for all you young folks out there LOL). When we moved to Virginia in 2016, we dug and transported every single one. 

Crossing and growing daylilies from seed is a patient person’s endeavor, as it typically takes at least 3 years for a seedling to bloom for the first time. Even then, only a small percentage of seedlings will be both hardy and beautiful, and thus, worthy of keeping.  We also propagate daylilies by splitting, so we try to add new varieties from other growers each year (to expand our breeding program and just for plain enjoyment).  In our small greenhouse and on our property, we also grow an array of annuals and perennials. 

We enjoy building planters using wood harvested on our farm, and we also upcycle pots and planters we acquire at local thrift stores, estate sales, and even things other people are discarding. We particularly enjoy making planters, birdhouses, birdbaths, and welded garden implements out of objects that might otherwise end up in the landfill. Whenever possible, we recycle our own greenhouse pots and use those made from recycled plastic.

Who are we? After serving in the US Army (10th Group, Special Forces, Airborne--hooah!) Shane spent several years working as a welder and hazmat technician. Currently he works at Virginia Tech in the Environmental Safety Office. Elaine worked as a high school English teacher, Professional Development Coordinator, and adjunct college professor for 30 years, and after "retiring" in NC, currently works as an Instructional Technology Resource Teacher for Montgomery County Schools in VA. Those are our "other jobs," but Blacksnake Farm is our labor of love. :)

We have two wonderful daughters who currently live in NC, and we have quite a few furry children as well. To learn more about us, check out our blog and like us on Facebook! 

You can email us at blacksnakefarmva@gmail.com